Otis Ventures LLC (OVL) is a real estate development/leasing company. OVL was established in October 2009, upon the purchase of the former Wausau Paper Mill in Jay, Maine. The last 4 yearshave been spent liquidating the equipment left behind by Wausau, including 2 paper machines. Now the renovations have begun to turn this 600,000 square foot facility into a revitalized business complex - home to a variety of companies.  

View clips from the National Geographic Channel's show focusing on the Otis Mill

Proceeds from the sale of equipment are being reinvested in the facility, preparing newly updated space for offices and retail stores. We will have approximately 240,000 square feet available for lease in the first 3 years, with room to expand.

Concept Drawing for the Entire Otis Ventures Complex (mouseover for details) Download PDF
Concept Drawing by Dan Morabito, RLA
Otis Ventures LLC • 1 Mill Street, Jay, ME 04239 • (207) 897-7111